The Animal ER is dedicated to providing excellence in 24 hour emergency care and trauma to pets. To help achieve this goal, our clinic will partner with your regular veterinarian to provide an extra level of "around the clock" care for your pet. We go beyond your basic veterinary laboratory equipment, Animal ER has the ability to provide blood gas analysis, diagnosis of in depth metabolic disorders and diagnose bleeding disorders. We are fully equipped to handle surgical cases, from minor laceration repairs to major abdominal and thoracic surgeries. We have the ability to provide constant oxygen support to patients as needed and have a fully equipped ICU and pharmacy. Our doctors and staff have both the equipment and the skills to handle almost any type of illness or emergency that may arise. While we sincerely hope you never find yourself in this situation….when you need us, we’ll be here.


All patients of Animal ER, your chosen emergency veterinary clinic in Tulsa, will be charged for the initial examination and consultation; this is referred to as the emergency exam. The veterinarian will then make recommendations to improve the condition of your pet based on the initial examination. An estimate of charges and treatments will be provided for your approval. We require a deposit for all services and will keep you apprised of any changes in your pet’s medical condition or if any changes need to be made to the estimate of fees.

Our goal is to keep you informed regarding the health status of your pet and the ongoing costs of medical and surgical care. Owners are encouraged to ask questions! All fees are due and payable at the time of services. We accept all major forms of payment (checks, credits cards, care credit) but are unable to "bill" for services.


Your regular veterinarian may refer all of their after-hour cases to us, or perhaps just a select few that require extra attention. In either case, the AEC will assume temporary case responsibility of your pet. Your veterinarian will continue to provide all follow up and general health care for years to come.


The patients of Animal Emergency Center of Tulsa are seen in the same order in which they arrive. However, life threatening emergencies and patients that are critically ill will take priority over those that are more stable. Our goal is to treat all patients in as short of a time as possible, but an unavoidable situation may arise that could prolong your pet’s stay with us.


The Animal Emergency center DOES NOT schedule appointments; however we do ask that when possible you call ahead and inform us of the nature of your pet's medical problem. Emergency cases shall always receive top priority!

Once you arrive at the Animal Emergency Center, your pet will be triaged by a technician. The most critical cases will be taken to the treatment area for immediate stabilization.

Due to the nature of any "ER" situation, wait times can vary depending on the current case load. Rest assured that all patients will be thoroughly examined and treated to the best of our ability, regardless of their condition.


It is our goal that you get some rest and peace of mind while we care for your pet, therefore we will try not to interrupt you without cause. However, if your pet’s condition worsens we will communicate the happenings of that with you day or night, no matter the time. Also, we will always communicate with you if further tests or treatments are needed beyond what initial conversations were had.

We encourage all pet owners to come visit their pets while they are in our care, however we do ask that each owner call first. The reason for this is, often it can get chaotic and busy in our facilities and we want to make sure we are able to provide you with the best time for visitation so that we can spend time communicating about your pet’s situation.

Our mission is to improve the lives of the patients we serve.


The Animal Emergency Center, Inc. does not offer billing arrangements. All fees are due and payable at the time that services are rendered. You will be provided with a financial estimate of the cost of your pets care.

We require a deposit (usually approx. 50% of the expected charges) be paid before any patient is hospitalized.

For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, cash and personal checks with proper identification.